Closer Rankings – Week 2

Welcome to my Week 2 Closer Rankings

There is nothing sweeter than a top handcuff taking over the 9th inning duties. That feeling when a rival team just lost value at your expense. If I could bottle and sell that I could keep writing some more articles all day. It’s extra fun when you are facing them that week and come up with a great team name to rub it in. “Nothing Sucks Like A Dyson” was my original plan but since Yahoo keeps it to 20 characters I went with “NothinSucksLikeDyson”. Doesn’t roll off the tongue as smoothly but oh well.

For depth charts I typically look at Closer Monkey since they keep things tidy and updated.

Onto the Rankings! (Tier names are subject to change)

Tier 1: No Doubters

I don’t need to elaborate

  1. Aroldis Chapman (NYY)
  2. Kenley Jansen (LAD)
  3. Zach Britton (BAL)

You can really order the top three however you want, it’s more like 1A-1C. I prefer Aroldis because he’s the filthiest but you can make a case for the other two because they will get a few more innings.

Tier 2: Mostly Smooth Sailing

Only thing keeping these guys from the top is either consistency, team, or K rate. I’m happy sending them out every night.

  1. Edwin Diaz (SEA) – So close to moving up.
  2. Craig Kimbrel (BOS)
  3. Greg Holland (COL) – I’m sold that he’s all the way back.
  4. Wade Davis (CHC)  
  5. Jeurys Familia (NYM) – Will be back this time next week
  6. Kelvin Herrara (KC) – Always the third guy with Holland and Davis around
  7. Roberto Osuna (TOR) – Quick return and right back to it.
  8. Cody Allen (CLE) – Great arm but Miller takes away some upside.
  9. Alex Colome (TB) – Long saves preventing some back to back opportunities and lack of team wins will keep him from moving up much.
  10. A.J. Ramos (MIA)

Tier 3: Where the fuck did all these question marks come from?????

These are the guys you thought you could trust but can’t yet mixed with the guys you didn’t think you could trust but might now.

  1. Ken Giles (HOU) – Poster boy of this group. Would be top 10 if it weren’t for the terrible start.
  2. Mark Melancon (SF) – Not a good K rate for a closer but that’s been the case for years and he’s got it done.
  3. David Robertson (CHW) – Nothing sexy here but gets the job done.
  4. Cam Bedrosian (LAA) – Leader of a committee that limits his upside, but he can really pitch.
  5. Jim Johnson (ATL) – NL’s David Robertson
  6. Raisel Iglesias (CIN) – NL’s Cam Bedrosian
  7. Seung-Hwan Oh (STL) – Hardest closer to rank. Could be top 10 or out of a job by May 1st.

Tier 4: Meh

I don’t feel confident about any of these guys and would guess half don’t finish the year with their jobs intact.

  1. Brandon Kintzler (MIN) – Solid start.
  2. Tony Watson (PIT) – When will the peripherals catch up to him?
  3. Blake Treinen (WAS) – Job isn’t very secure and the arm isn’t elite either.
  4. Neftali Feliz (MIL) – “meh” personified.
  5. Fernando Rodney (ARI) – There are actually worse closer. Not many, but they exist.

Tier 5: Fugly

If you own these guys I will pray for you.

  1. Joaquin Benoit (PHI) – Neris will close there after trade deadline. Whether by trade or Benoit blowing up.
  2. Francisco Rodriguez (DET) – Unless a miricle happens the highest I’m moving him is into “Meh”. I don’t think he closes at the all-star break.
  3. Brandon Maurer (SD) – I don’t think he keeps the job once Capps is back.
  4. Santiago Casilla/Sean Doolittle (OAK) – Not ideal but better than last.
  5. Sam Dyson (TEX) – I hope you picked up Bush already.

Top RP arms and speculative adds (Kind of ordered)

  • Dellin Betances (NYY) – Should be owned in most formats even with 0 saves.
  • Andrew Miller (CLE) – Same as Betances.
  • Matt Bush (TEX) – Next RP in line to be promoted. Will likely land in the 15-20 range for initial ranking with some upside.
  • Addison Reed (NYM) – Should be owned while closing for the next week.
  • Chris Devenski (HOU) – Long relief specialist. Should be owned in most formats, especially ones with K-Rate category or start limits.
  • Carter Capps (SD) – Most likely the closer in early May.
  • Hector Neris (PHI) – Should close by end of year and boost stats while you wait.
  • Justin Wilson (DET) – Next in line when K-Rod finally loses it for good.
  • Trevor Rosenthal/Kevin Siegrist (STL) – Pick your favorite if you don’t think Oh will last.
  • Nate Jones (CHW) – Closer type arm that will get the nod if Robertson slips up.
  • Brad Bach (BAL) – Would close if Britton wasn’t unreal. Ratio booster.
  • Koda Glover (WAS) – Not the type of arm I like to speculate on. Far too mediocre but so is Treinen.
  • Will Harris/Luke Gregerson (HOU) – Gregerson has started slow but either guy could end up with the job if Giles continues to struggle. Should help your stats while you wait.

Alright that about wraps it up. I’m sure I missed something so feel free to comment and tell me all the things I messed up.


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