April 8th LMRTFY

Welcome to the Saturday April 8th edition of Let Me Read That For You.

Today I wanted to start out by introducing you to Pearl Gonzalez.

If you haven’t seen the story, which “popped” up pretty much everywhere yesterday, Pearl has breast implants. According to New York state rules she is not allowed to fight due to possibility of them “popping”. However, by the time that story had made the rounds yesterday she was deemed medically cleared to fight and the whole issue was over. We can only assume this was a tactfully executed PR move to get some more eyeballs to UFC using boobies. I can’t say it’s not gonna work.

So I thought I would do the same and entice you with Pearl to get some more readers. Thanks UFC!

News and Notes

As soon as I published my article yesterday Rich Hill blister news made the rounds. As an owner I was initially disappointed but soon remembered that even the most robust projections had him around 150 innings, with the bulk closer to the 120 range. I guess the only real bad news is that the blister coming back early will lower the ceiling on Hill’s season. If you drafted him you knew this would likely happen eventually so just weather the storm all year and keep a DL spot open for him between starts.

Another pitcher with injury concerns, Garrett Richards had his MRI yesterday and the elbow is said to be sound and the Bicep issue isn’t serious. Angels expect him to miss only 1 start. Last few days I’d advised avoiding but I’d guess the owner in your league is either annoyed or scared by Richards to the point you could possibly get him for next to nothing. For next to nothing I’d gamble on his upside.

Jung Ho Kang now listed as N/A on Yahoo for those with that slot for prospects. If rating him with prospects I’d have him in the top 3 so if another team dropped him and you have the spot open I would take advantage.

I also saw this article yesterday after suggesting to pick up Zimmerman. It gives more evidence that he could be in for a big year and would make room for him if possible. They also provided a nifty TL;DR so I don’t have to.

“Last season, Zimmerman showed signs that he was capable of a bounce-back year, but his struggles continued. Zimmerman ranked ninth in the majors in average exit velocity at 93.7 mph, so he consistently hit the ball hard, but did not enjoy much success due to his low launch angle of 9.6 degrees.

Daniel Murphy, king of all things hitting, worked with Zimmerman on his launch angle this spring, and it appears their efforts have paid off. Through the first three games of the 2017 season, Zimmerman is hitting .417 with two homers.

Much of Zimmerman’s success so far can be attributed to his continued high exit velocities and improved launch angles. Zimmerman’s first homer of 2017 was an opposite field blast on April 5th, with an exit velocity of 104.6 MPH and a launch angle of 19.8 degrees. His second homer came on April 6, with an exit velocity of 110.8 MPH and a launch angle of 20 degrees.”

Matt Kemp left the game with hammy tightness. They say it’s nothing too serious but I would consider sitting him if you have other options until he shows he’s fully healthy again. He has a history of these injuries being lengthy problems. 

K-Rod’s skills appear to be continuing to erode. I saw one comment that the fast is sitting between 89-92. It’s still very early but I would snag Bruce Rondón . K/9 over 11 last year and continues to improve control. He will give you quality innings even in a setup role until he takes over. K-Rod is entrenched so it will take a combination of the two pitchers putting pressure for a change to happen.

Trea Turner has been absolute garbage so far. I normally advise “start your studs” but his track record is so short that unless you need steals I’d sit and wait.

Baker appears to be throwing out  Treinen until his harm falls off. My initial read when he got the job was that he would have it all year, but Dusty isn’t giving his closer a chance to succeed. I’d stash Glover until this all blows over. Similar to Rondón, you will get some positive value while you wait.  I still feel pretty confident that things won’t change but if you can afford the spot I would insure that you keep saves on a team like Washington that will pass 90 wins. 

Just sit Buxton until he starts hitting. I wouldn’t drop him and no one is gonna give you a used toothpick for him. Right now he’s looking like a AAAA player but it’s still the first week. If he can hit and has a 3 hole spot he will be worth the wait.

Streamers (Always in Order)

Gsellman: 46% owned. Best streaming option of the day by a wide margin.

Kuhl: 5% owned. Faces a ATL team that doesn’t have a lot of offensive firepower and could be without Kemp, or even better, a hurt Kemp.

Nolasco: 9% owned. Home vs Seattle. Don’t love it but if I was desperate for a W it’s a solid gamble.

Don’t start Graveman! Facing Yu Darvish on the road. I’ve seen his name thrown around a lot recently but he’s almost 2:1 dog today for the win and the game total is at 8.5. Wouldn’t touch him.


Going to start finishing the LMRTFY segments with my best bets of the day. I come from a gambling background so I tend to view a lot of baseball through that lense. I also feel all this research I do daily gives me a slight edge when picking games. 4-0 yesterday (I will provide proof later when I am at my computer), my first attempt of the year. I’ll also move them to a separate page later today so those that don’t want it showing up on their articles at work won’t see it. They are for entertainment purposes only in case that matters.

Waiver Wire pickups is going to be moved to a separate page and will be updated bi-weekly. I’ll put a reminder in the LMRTFY posts on days I update so it’s easy to keep track. Goal is Friday/Sunday or Monday/Thursday.

I’ll have a buy/sell post out this weekend. Most likely tomorrow.

Best Bets

ATL +124
PHI -122
CLE -109
LAA -103

Thanks for Reading