April 6th LMRTFY

I’ll take stupid acronyms for 800 Alex

I’m sure all 6 of you are wondering what LMRTFY stands for…? That would be “Let Me Read That For You”. The idea behind it would be I read a bunch of stuff today/yesterday (You would be shocked by how difficult choosing what “Day” to use for reference, I’m writing this at night for the day that just happened but it’s for readers tomorrow. What to do? Which date do I put in the title?)  and I’ll give you the TL:DR of the articles. I will also be reading the tea leaves of box scores and fill you guys in on what I see there.

LMRTFY will include my musings and reactions on the news and outcomes from the previous 24 hours.

Yesterday we had STl/CHC and DET/CHW Postponed. We don’t get a double header from either today but STL/CHC will play instead of having the day off.

Edward Sutelan of RotoBaller shared his top 30 impact rookies

My Take: He could have stopped after 2 because Moncada (1. ETA Early June) is the only sure fire impact player and Tom Murphy (2. ETA Early May) is a great stash to eventually take over for whatever dumpster fire in your C spot. Meadows/Zimmer/Bellinger are all talented future big leaguers. If you don’t have a prospect spot there is no clear path to playing time in the majors for them and won’t be up till June-July anyway. Still worth keeping an eye on in case of injury/trade in front of them.

Piscotty passed concussion tests and will be back today. Now we can all laugh at his video without feeling guilty.

Rendon returned to Nationals lineup and went 0-4 in the 6 hole. I’m not a big fan of any of my starters in the 5 spot or less (Especially in the NL) so I can’t say I’m especially pumped by this, though I should have seen it coming. I’ll monitor the situation and check back in a later post.

Eno Sarris of Fangraphs talks about Jharel Cottons great changeup

My Take: And he promptly gets bombed by the Angels. They must have read the article. Cotton is nothing more than a depth pitcher (despite the terrific change) or streamer depending on your league size. Young pitchers almost always struggle (I’m even struggling to come up with an exception) so if you drafted him have some patience and avoid the tough starts.

DeSheilds batted leadoff last night! Then was pinch hit for after 2 ABs…. I was advising people to pick him up yesterday after he got the nod but for him to be PH for in his only start in 3 games… Yeah those dots aren’t the good ones. If you have room to ride this roller coaster I still think the upside is high, especially if you need steals, but I could see abandoning for any of the actually hot bats right now.

Jeff Sullivan of Fangraphs wants to know What on Earth Happened With Jake Arrieta?

My Take: I’ll save you the read. He’s getting older so his velocity has a slight dip and his margin for error has declined. He’s still a good pitcher on a great team he’s just not gonna be in the Cy Young discussion. If you didn’t already know this after last year I can see why you are reading my article.

Drew Pomeranz will be back Sunday (Probably)

David Price threw off a mound. Good not great news, still no timeline by Red Sox which indicates they don’t actually know how bad the problem is. I hope you didn’t draft him unless it was late.

Pick up Dylan Bundy, He has more upside than most SPs people are filling out their roster with and looked great last night.

Hold Pineda, This could be related the to yacht party the Yankees threw on Saturday before opening day. I wouldn’t worry too much about 1 start. If you drafted him or have owned him previously you know he’s prone to a few really bad games a year. May even be a good buy low if he struggles again.

Brandon Finnegan had me pitching a tent all night. Could be more streamer in some leagues but and I would keep an eye on him because there is potential for big games vs bad teams.

Travis Shaw is en fuego. Please pick him up and put him in your lineup until further notice.

Same for Chase Headley. I like to have a couple spots at the back of my bench purely for hot hitters to come in and start.

Sam Dyson is not very good. Blown 2 saves in 2 chances. Bannister doesn’t wanna give up yet but I think its Bush > Jeffress for the next opportunity and either could take and hold the job for the year.

Paxton hype train continues after a solid start, I’m still not buying that he’s taken “The next step”.

Garrett Richards bicep cramp, not the already partially torn UCL. Either way I wouldn’t touch him with someone else’s 10 foot pole.

Speaking of pitchers that don’t like to be healthy. Rich Hill is DTD after getting beaned in the wrist by a pitch. X-Rays negative so you can exhale. He’s still probably gonna take a couple weeks off since his tickets to Jamaica are non-refundable.

J.D. Martinez flew back to see doctor for re-evaluation. Someone trying to break news speculated it was a setback. He was wrong and “All reports are positive”.

Scott White at CBS Sports wrote a nice waiver wire piece today

My Take: Finnegan, Bush, Shaw, Morton, Dickerson, and Cobb are the names. if I’m adding a SP from the group I’m doing Finnegan > Cobb > Morton and Bush before anyone on this group. Dickerson is intriguing because of his weight loss in the off-season he could actually have found his swing again and sustain success this year. I’m looking to add both him and Shaw if I have room.

Jays GM says Osuna injury not serious. So if you own him and missed out on the Grilli’d garbage don’t fret, he’ll be back soon. I’m more concerned about the noticeable drop in velocity everyone was talking about.

Alright so that’s all I’ve got for mildy warm takes today. You can follow me on the twitter account I created for actual insight during games or when news breaks.  I’ll also be on Reddit or this blog answering questions. I’m still looking for ideas on articles etc… so if you have something you want me to do just let me know.

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